• SOC Readiness Review – Essential for businesses new to SOC and for first time SOC reports. Some refer to it as a dry run, or an open book test.  At the end of a successful SOC Readiness Review your business will qualify for a Type 1 report.  Note, if you need a Type 2 report then a SOC Readiness Plus will help you get a clean Type 2 Report. 

  • SOC 1 – For businesses that process, host, or affect transactions related to financial reporting.
  • SOC 2 – For businesses that need a report on one or more of security, availability, confidentiality,  processing integrity, or privacy to show that they achieve the service commitments made to their customers.
  • SOC 3 – If a business has completed a SOC 2 then they may also elect to have a SOC 3; which, has no restrictions on distribution.

services for cpa firms

  • SOC Reviews and Journal Entry Selections – These are areas that often have deficiencies reported during peer reviews and PCAOB inspections. We assist many firms remedy these deficiencies by reviewing SOC reports submitted to their firms by their audit clients in support of financial statement audits. We also assist firms with journal entries selections by performing procedures that are in accordance with GAAS and the standards of the PCAOB.
  • SOC Assistance – Many firms have SOC opportunities that they forego due to lack of managers and staff with SOC experience. If this is the case at your firm we have the resources to help you.